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Congratulations on your decision to marry!
Your decision to marry is one of the greatest commitments a couple can make to each other.  It is a life-long commitment which unites a man and a woman in heart, mind and body.  
What do we need to help you  The first thing you should do is download the Wedding Intention Form from here, complete the form and return it, scanned or photographed, to our office email.  This will 'get you into the system', so to speak.  The details on the form are strictly confidential and only contain the details we need to start the marriage process for you.

Once the form has been received in the Parish Office you will be contacted by a Priest so that your plans can move forward.  You will also receive an acknowledgement by email to let you know we have received your Wedding Intention form.  Completing this form does not commit you in any way.
What do you need to do?  Yes, you will need to undergo preparation for your wedding, and some of this preparation is required by law.  We will guide you through this process as best we can.
Does the wedding have to be held in a church?  Not necessarily, but this is for discussion between you and the Priest.
Ok, so what are the fees?1  Our fee for a wedding is $850.  This fee covers:

* all preparation costs;
* the church
* an organist (if held in a church with and organ)
* flowers in the church.  You need to supply your own bride and bridesmaid flowers; and
* marriage registration and any other legally required paperwork.

We understand that sometimes marriage doesn't work quite as it should, so if you perceive being divorced as a problem
please talk to us - we are here to support you through your commitment to marry.

1Please note that these fees are for a wedding held in one of our heritage churches.  If you decide to marry in a location other
than one of our churches, or a church without an organ, some of these fees may be waived.  If you don't marry in one of our
churches you may, at the discretion of the Priest, incur mileage and accommodation charges for the Priest.